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Music Video

Roles: Director, Editor

Manhigh's cover of Dazzle
Originally written by Robert James Smith, Steven Severin, Budgie, Sioux, 1984
Performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees

Manhigh is an art and music collaboration between Matthew Day Jackson and Timothy Bright.

Footage is of Joseph Kittinger's famous Excelsior III jump in 1960 (102,800 feet / 614 mph / 4 min 36 sec)
Courtesy of NASA

Recorded at 60 Cycle Music in Brooklyn, NY, summer of 2012.
A helmet worn by Kittinger was used for this recording. It was custom fitted with a small microphone in the face plate of the helmet. Jackson sang through the helmet for this cover, creating a quiet, padded, and close spatial feeling. It was very difficult to breathe and speak through the helmet's air intake, let alone sing.